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Pictures Submitted by Owners

two Labradors taking a nap
Pepper and The Fairbanks welcome a new friend!! Ahhhh The life of a Designer Labrador!!
Black Labrador Retriever laying down
Black Labrador near some flowers
Kylie - loved by Cliff and Karen


Chocolate Labrador Puppy in a bridge
Labrador puppies
Addie with Butter, one of her friends!
Chocolate Labrador Pup
Addie - Loved by the Hansen Family


Boy and Black Labrador puppy with a sign
It is official - my name is Pearl!!
black labrador puppy carring a stick
"I love sticks"!!!!
children with black labrador puppy
Pearl - Loved by the Snow family
Yellow Labrador with a stick in the snow
Yellow Lbrador with children in the snow
Bheema - loved by the Kinsley Family
Yellow Labrador in the snow
Black Labrador on a bed
Stella - loved by the Levine Family


Yellow Labradors sitting by a pillar
Clayton and Alex loved by the Helmer Family

Yellow Labrador meeting
Family reunion
Yellow Labrador in leaves
Suny Gal - loved by Deb and Gail
Black Labrador with fall leaves.jpg
Designer's Somethingroyal - aka Piper Rose loved by Cathy

Yellow Labrador by the water
Ruby - Loved by the Goodyear family

Labrador puppy at baseball field.JPG
Charley loves baseball
Labrador puppy walking in the park
Bear is such a good puppy!


yellow Labrador puppy
Fletcher - loved by the Baisley Family
yellow Labrador puppy with adult Labrador
Fletcher loves his new sister!!
Puppy with older dog cuddling in a chair
Chelsee and Fletcher
Yellow Labrador Puppy
Gertrude - Loved by the Finnegan Family
black and yellow lab waiting at the door
Waiting by the door

chocolate labrador puppy with a little boy
Penny - loved by the Hale family

Twp Labradors carring a stick
Bodie's BFF Kya, showing her how to carry a stick!
Yellow Labrador in the snow
Snow Day!!!!!
yellow labrador in the snow
Cooper - Loved by Rick and Lauren
Young Black labrador by the lake
Lucy - having fun at the lake!!



In Loving Memory


Yellow Labradro Puppy on a beach
yellow labrador on the beach
Kona - Loved by the Lavin family


Yellow Labrador running on the lawn
Milo - Loved by the Roberts Family
Black Labrador on the grass

Hi Sue -
Mac is sleeping by my feet - he is completely engrained in the Moulton Meadow - all the children - our other dogs and his life with me at my office during the week.  He is smart = healthy - strong - sweet and beautiful.  We are absolutely delighted and thank you so much for our Baby - we are trying to not spoil him too much!! 


Yellow Labrador
Jr. - Loved by Kelly
Black Labraodr being read a story by child
Lila gets a reading lesson!
Jr. having fun in the snow!



Time for a boat ride!

yellow labrador puppy with a life jacket on
Malcolm - loved by Larry and Bonnie
Yellow Labrador Puppy
Sampson - loved by Josh and family!
Labrador puppy in an intertube
What a GREAT vacation I am having with my new family!
ywllow labrador puppy sitting on a bench
This vacation has me all tired out!
Chocolate Labrador with a pink collar
Designer's Garnet loving her new home and family
Chocolate Labrador in the water
Kaya - Loved by James and Karen!
Chocolate Labrador checking out the canoe
Kaya - Goes on a canoe trip!
Chocolate Labrador running in the water
Kaya - having the time of her life!
Older Labrador dog with puppy
Hey Dude - you're my Best Friend!
Yellow Labrador puppy in the grass
Designer's Henry Hudson - Loved by Kathy, Ed and Family
Labrador puppy gets a pool!
Hey WOW! My own pool!

Black Labrador playing in the ocean
Bayard goes to the ocean!

Black Labrador Retriever
Ruger - loved by Carrie and Mike
Black Labrador Retriever sitting on a deck
Shae - loved by Keara and Katie!
Yellow Labrador puppy with a toy
Norman - Loved by Tom and Barbara

Sparkles is having a great time on a muddy spring day!
Look close, she is blowing bubbles in the mud puddle!!

Black Labrador Retriever blowing bubbles in a puddle
Black Labrador Retriever blowing bubbles in a mud puddle
Black Labrador Retriever on a mudddy spring day
Yellow Labrador Retriever enjoying all the snow
Diesel Loves all the snow!
Chocolate Labrador Retriever in the snow
Moose - Loved by Mary
Yellow Labrador Retriever in the snow
Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy on the chair
Mara - Loved by the Jackson's
Black Labrador Retriever laying at the door
Handsome Bayard
Labrador Retriever puppy laying by the wood stove
Sophie - loved by Shirley and Tom
Yellow Labrador playing with frisbee
Una - Loved by the Huwe family
Labradors in the snow
Miley and Gracie - Loved by the Knutsen Family
Yes that is a shovel!
Labrador running with snow shovel
Now we just need to teach her how to use it !!! Anna you are so funny!
Labrador puppy with new her new family
Rosie - gets a new family!
Chocolate Labrador loves the water
Cody - loved by the Robinson family
Labrador in the snow
Anna LOVES the snow!
Black Lab laying on the rug
Roxy - Loved by the McGrath Family
Oh this is the life!!
Black Labrador Retreiver on the bed
Maxie - loved by the Murphy's
Choc Lab in the leaves
Duncan - Loved by the Jones Family
"I love it here sooo much"
Yellow lab puppy on her rug
Bridget - Loved by the Clark family
Black Lab puppy's first walk in the snow
Bayard - loved by the Weir's
It's GREAT here!
Chocolate Labrador puppy ready to play
Kaya - Loved by James and Karen
What??? - this glove is not my new toy?
Black Labrador has a glove
Sparkles - loved by the Menard family
HURRAY!!! More Snow!
Black Labrador Retriever has snow on her face
Izzy - loved by the Sherman family
Anyone seen my yard?
Black Lab in a snow filled yard
Dakota - loved by the Bly family
Black Lab jumping over a stone wall
Sadie takes a big jump!
Black Lab swimming with a stick
The stick is almost as big as Sadie!
Black Labrador leaping into the water
Sadie takes another leap!
Chocolate Labrador has a stick
Bruno - Loved by the Wilson's


Dirty Nose Contest!
These pictures were sent to me from several families, and they all arrived in the same week! All three pups are from different litters! 

Labrador puppy with dirt on her nose
yellow lab puppy with dirt on his nose
Black Lab Pup with a dirty nose

You guys - You are supposed to be good - Remember!


Black Labrador Retriever jumping over a log
Maverick - This log is not going to stop me, no sir!
Black Labrador Retriever swimming with a ball
Vader - loved by Cassandra and Noah
Yellow Labrador Retriever laying by the fire
Beloved Glitz by the fire . . . . again! Loved by the Healy's
Black Labrador looking at the water after a swim
Maverick - Loved by the Sharps
Black Lab looking at a hole in the tree
What do you suppose is in there? Sparkles would like to know

Hi Sue-

I hope all is well. Here is a cute picture of Nash

and I on our way down a mountain this past weekend.

I was standing on that rock and he just ran up and

sat next to me on his own accord.

He is a true friend!

Take care,



Black Labrador Retriever being a hiking partner
Nash, loved by Matt and Rebecca
Yellow Labrador at the door
Hey guys, Come on, I am waiting.....Lets Go!


Previously Submitted Pictures:  Thank you everyone for sending such great pictures!


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Yellow, Black, and Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies in NY