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Happy Labradors

I write this letter with sorrow and beautiful memories.  I had to put Zeke to sleep yesterday, my BEST friend for 9 1/2 years.  He had prostate cancer that had spread to other regions.  We spent our last days in our yard where he loved to be.  I kept him comfortable as I promised him I would. A doctor come to the home and put him to sleep on our terms in his surroundings. Zeke loved the outdoors and wanted to go outside at 2:30 in the morning  to relieve himself, with some effort he made it to the yard to do his business and then laid down comfortably.  At this moment I knew he did not want to come back inside, so I gathered up the sleeping bag and blankets and we both slept outside for the last night, as we did many times camping. That night he laid his head on my shoulder looked at me with his sad brown eyes and told me the time is right. Friends came to visit on his last day and even in a weakened state he always mustered up the energy to wag his tail to say hello.  He had lost his appetite for a couple of days prior, however his last day, he did enjoy cookies and spare ribs. Zeke is resting peacefully in the yard he roamed proudly for many great years. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to face and the pain is devastating at times. However the pain is worth every ounce for all the pleasure my buddy brought to my life.  He will always be in my heart and the stories of all his antics will go on for years. 
Zeke was the son of  General Stoewall Jackson XXIX and Waggin' Tails July Sparkle.   
Thank you Sue for delivering Zeke into my life!
I will contact you shortly to see who you may have instore for me next.

A handwritten letter
Two girls with their two yellow Labradors
Handwritten note

Hello Sue & Dennis------Thank you for making this such a wonderful day for us----it was worth the 505 miles traveled and the 11 hours invested. Barney is a wonderful dog! He slept most of the way home, and when he wasn't asleep, he was stretching out to lick our ears & faces.

He's already done his "business" as he should, outside in our yard, and is now lying on the hall floor with Mike, sharing a quiet moment. He sticks to us like glue! Funny thing----we noticed that he was not a barker, which suits us well./ But when Mike & he were in the kitchen, Barney started this low growling, which escalated into some pretty sharp barks. Well, he was looking at his own reflection in the glass door leading out to the sun-room! He kept getting closer & closer to the door----brave dog! Mike had to slide open the door so he could see there was no threatening pooch on the other side!

And that's Barney's Blog for this day -----Bye bye

Yellow Labrador puppy in the leaves
a written letter

Several e-mails from an eight year old:

Hi Mrs Baily this is philip instead of my mom I wanted to ask about Biscuit our dog.  My question will be to ask if Biscuit is exited about coming home with me because if she isn't I will try to make her as comfortable as possiible.  Biscuit is a dog and "they need to be cared for and loved like a baby" like my mom said before we went on vackation.  Well to finish up this email I would like to say "good night to you and Biscuit "good night"       Philip

Hi Sue I really like the dog (Biscuit) She has ben a really graet puppy so far. When we left your house we put Biscuit up with my mom because Biscuit was being cuireus in the back.  But after about 10 minutes "she comed down" Like you said she would.  After we rode in the car for about a hour and a half we went out side with her to go to the bathroom.  So we got out of the car with Biscuit and we set her down to go and she was finding a spot and I said "Get busy" and she instantly sat down and went.  Then me and Biscuit played a game of tag.  She dident even bite!  Then me and my mom taught her how to sit.  I am so happy with her thank you so much I will do anything for you for making me and that dog family.   FROM PHILIP (your best friend)

A letter about Teddy
A typed letter
A typed letter from Julie
Picture of calendar with River and Julie
Yellow Labrador Retriever in the leaves

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