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Chocolate Labrador puppy waving
Chocolate Labrador puppy with a pumpkin
Black Labrador in the fall
Black and Yellow Labrador pups with pumpkin
Yellow Labrador Puppy in a log
Black Labrador puppy with 4th of July bow
Yellow Labrador Puppy
4th of July Labrador Puppies
Black Labrador Retriever laying in the leaves
Clancy - forever cherished by Kathleen - photo by K Stevens
Yellow Labrador puppy with a pink bow
Photo by Ashley Barringer
Photo by Ashley Barringer
Chocolate Labrador puppy playing with a boot
Let me help with those laces!
Labrador Retiever puppies in a wash tub
Rub a dub dub, four pups in a tub!
Black Labrador puppies in a red wagon
Crystal X Bear litter
Yellow Labrador pup running through tall grass
Hey - Wait for me!
Black Labrador Retriever puppy under a pine tree
Dakota - photo by Kathy Bly
Black Labrador Retriever
Designer's Roxy Noir
Lab puppy rolling over
Belly up for a pat!
Side by side black and yellow Labrador
Sara & Hudson loved by Nathan and Jorie
Mama Labrador with her litter of yellow puppies
Glitz with her puppies!
chocolate labrador puppy in the grass
Who put that blade of grass in the way?
Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy sleeping
Denver - loved by the Kaiser family
Black Labrador puppy digging in the dirt
Labrador Retriever
Yellow Labrador taking a nap
What a life! - photo by K Stevens
Yellow Labrador Retriever in the garden fountain
I asked by family for a bigger pool! - photo by B Healy
Two Labrador Retrievers waiting at the door
Glitz and Splash - Loved by the Healy's - photo by B Healy
Yellow Labrador Retriever in the snow with a stick
Tanner - Loved by the Bernholz family
Chocolate Labrador mother with her new litter
Mama with her new litter of pups
Black Labrador puppy taking a wee
I go outside now!
little girl hugging her new yellow labrador puppy
I love my new puppy SO MUCH!
Black Lab puppy in the flowers
I think I will hide behind these flowers
Yellow Lab Pup on a tricycle
I think I will try out this trike
Baby girl kissing yellow labrador puppy
Kisses for the puppy
Yellow Labradors with orange vests
Oh yes we are ready for our hike!
two yellow dogs and one black puppy
Stick with us little guy
Baby petting yellow labrador puppy
Baby meets puppy
Curious yellow labrdor puppies checking out the camera
Hey check it out, I think it is a camera!
Winking yellow labrador retriever
Please trick her, so then I can get the biscuit!
Black Labrador Retriever puppy in a red wagon
Going for this ride has tired me all out!
Yellow Labrador with balck labrador puppies
NOT my litter, but I think they need nursing!
Black Labrador Retriever Jumping in the water
Ready, Set, GO!
Puppy looking at children who are in his crate
Hey - I am supposed to be in there!
Black Labrador Puppy
I am very cute!
Yellow Labrador mother with her yellow litter of pups
This is my litter, I was just helping out with the other pups
Labrador puppy waiting at the top of the stairs
Come on everyone - It is time for bed!
Black Lab puppy laying on red roses
Happy Valentine's Day
Yellow Lab puppy with a red bow
Happy Holidays!
Yellow Labrador Retirever licking the beaters
Yum Yum Yum! I am not spoiled!

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2010 (Susan Bailey)
Last Updated: 02/24/2017
Yellow, Black, and Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies in NY